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As a teenager, there was a deacon in my home church who influenced me greatly for the Kingdom of Christ. While I looked up to this man for a variety of reasons, his influence came through the repetition of one word—Think! During my college years, when I would return home on break, the first thing he would ask me was “Are you still thinking?” To which I would grin and answer in the affirmative. Having an adult tell you (as a teen) to “think” normally wasn’t a positive thing. Quite often, it came in the context of not making some decision that seemed obvious to the adult. However, in this instance, it was a positive comment. In calling me to “think” he was not rebuking me. Read More→

Answering Your Community (pt. 3)

(Note:  This is part 3 of 3 in a series.  Read part 1 and part 2)

As we’ve seen, 1 Peter 3 tells us that in order to answer our generation we must prepare our hearts and our answers. However, it isn’t enough just to be prepared to give an answer; you also have to do it the right way.

We all know that sometimes the things we say can be skewed because the way we say them. What kind of approach should accompany our presentation of the truth? Verses 15-16 tell us that we should give our answer “with meekness, fear, [and] a good conscience.”

To approach our generation with meekness means we are to be gentle. This style lacks aggressiveness, forcefulness, or arrogance. In other words, we aren’t to be getting into people’s faces. We aren’t to be ramming the Gospel down people’s throat. That kind of “evangelism” has no place in the kingdom of God! Answering our generation isn’t about us using the force of our personalities to convince people. We must be faithful to sow and leave the results to God. Salvation belongs to the Lord. The order of the day is courtesy, considerateness, and humility. We are to show the love of Christ as we speak the truth of Christ. Read More→

Answering Your Community (pt. 2)

In the last post we introduced the importance of preparing ourselves to give an answer to our generation. And we began looking at 1 Peter 3:15-16, a passage that gives guidance as to the kinds of preparations we need to make. We noticed first that to be ready to give an answer to our generation we must prepare our hearts. Christ must rule supreme in our lives if we are to be the lights God wants us to be.

Now consider a second point: We must prepare our answer. Verse 15 continues by saying “and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you. . ..” Notice Christians are called to be ready or prepared. In fact, believers are supposed to live in a state of readiness, “always” prepared to answer people’s questions about the faith. By the way, the word “answer” is where we get the English word “apologetics.” What is apologetics? It sounds like it has something to do with apologizing or saying you’re sorry for something. But apologetics is actually about giving a defense of what you believe (i.e. your faith). Thus apologetics is the theological discipline that is concerned with defending the faith. Read More→

Answering Your Community (pt. 1)

Virtually everything that is done well requires an amount of preparation. Webster’s defines preparation as “the action or process of making something ready for use, or service, or getting ready for some occasion, test, or duty.” Week in and week out, we prepare. Business projects, little league practice and weekend fishing trips all require preparation. It’s part of life.

Yet, in spite of that fact, many believers fail to adequately prepare for one of the most crucial spiritual tasks God has given us. While we are busy preparing in every other area of life, we never really prepare ourselves to give an answer to our community. Often, this lack of preparation reflects skewed priorities in our lives. Unfortunately, it is not until the opportunity arises to share our faith or answer an inquiring friend that we realize we are not as prepared as we think we are. Read More→