I’m New

Visiting a new church can be really overwhelming. We want to ease that feeling as much as possible! Here’s some information that should make your first visit a comfortable experience and allow you to turn your attention to God’s word instead of spending it on figuring out our routine.

As you arrive: Follow our driveway around to the right to reach the main parking area. Just in front of the entrance you’ll find several parking spots reserved for visitors. Please use them – that’s why they’re there. (Click here for directions.)

Finding your place: As you enter, you’ll meet our friendly greeters. Let them know you’re new, and they’ll be glad to help you find the rooms that you need.

Sunday schedule: Our morning worship service begins at 9:30 a.m. with music and a message from the Bible. Morning worship is followed by a time of fellowship and then, at 11 a.m., Sunday school for children and Bible classes for adults. Young children (up to fourth grade) will move directly from children’s church into their Sunday school classes. Older children will be with you in the auditorium for worship and then can be dropped off at their Sunday school classes. A children’s department hostess will be happy to assist you in finding classrooms and determining which schedule your children will follow. Our evening service, at 5 p.m., is a bit less formal than the morning service. While there is usually a challenge from God’s Word, we also sometimes discuss and apply the morning message and break into small groups for prayer. Children’s church in the evening is for little ones up to age 5. The 3-year-olds are in children’s church the entire service, while 4- and 5-year-olds start the service with their parents and then are dismissed before the message begins.

For your littlest ones: We provide care for children 2 and younger in three different nurseries, separated by age and development. Please plan to arrive a little early if you’ll be using the nursery. That will allow you time to check in and register your cell phone for our simple paging system. If nursery workers have a question or your child needs you, you’ll be informed immediately by text message.

What to wear: Please don’t agonize over this decision. You’re welcome no matter what. You’ll see everything from suits to jeans at Suber Road. Most women wear skirts, slacks, or dresses, while men usually wear shirts and slacks. Come in whatever is most comfortable for you as you worship together with God’s people.

Our worship services: Our deepest desire is to exalt Christ and glorify God in all aspects of worship – preaching, praying, Scripture reading, giving, making music, and observing ordinances.

Music is a key element of worship at Suber Road. You’ll hear lots of it, and you’ll have opportunities to sing along, too, if you’d like. Although our worship services typically include instrumental, choral, and featured vocal music, we give priority to congregational singing. We use what we believe is the best of both old and new music, and project texts on a screen to encourage worshipers to engage their hearts and minds as we sing. Music is led by our worship pastor from a keyboard. We also are normally accompanied by a choir, orchestra, and piano.

At most services, we take a few minutes to greet one another – and you, too. Many of us will wander around during this time, catching up with friends and meeting new folks. Don’t feel like you have to leave your seat. We take an offering at every service. Do not feel obligated to give! This is the way our church family demonstrates an open heart toward God, our great giver, and supports His work both in the church and worldwide. You’ll also probably hear announcements from one of the pastors, usually about upcoming activities or projects. Finally, and most importantly, you will hear a message from God’s word. Sometimes our pastor will speak on a specific topic but usually you’ll find us working our way through a book of the Bible, one passage at a time, uncovering the lessons God has for us.

What you’ll have to do: Nothing! We welcome you to join us in any of the elements of congregational worship, but you don’t have to if you’re not comfortable. During the service, we usually offer first-time visitors a chance to fill out a visitor’s card, but you won’t be singled out in any way. You can always pick up more information (and a small gift) in the lobby afterward.

Other questions: If there’s anything else you’d like to know before visiting, please feel free to get in touch.