How should I respond to hypocrites in church?

Let’s be honest: We’ve all encountered hypocrites in church. And if we’re really honest, we’ll admit that we’ve been hypocrites ourselves at times. Chuck Bonadies talks about the problem of hypocrisy in the church, and the negative consequences of letting the problem keep us from a right relationship with God.


What about atrocities by Christians?

Chuck Bonadies discusses how to respond to atrocities committed in the name of Christianity throughout history.

Is there only one way to heaven?

Many people wonder if there’s really just one way to heaven. Chuck Bonadies answers the question, explaining that God would be cruel, not loving, if there were any other way and He still allowed His Son to suffer.


The Gospel Changes Everything

The Gospel changes everything! Chuck Bonadies explains why the people of Suber Road believe this. Religion and rules can change behavior, but only the Gospel can change the motives of the heart.